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Mission Statement: "to provide channels of external knowledge and business practices to deliver the highest quality and most competitive cost possible to and from the UK"

Source in ChinaASD Sourcing is a company that specialises in sourcing from low cost countries. We have the knowledge to sources globally and have extensive experience of overseas sourcing in China, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and North America.   

With this extensive knowledge, experience and supplier database, ASD Sourcing has the ability to deliver quality and cost effective products on a reliable and consistent basis to our customers.

China supplierASD Sourcing has a philosophy, that we are an extension of our customers Purchasing Departments. ASD Sourcing will have the same goals and aspirations as our customers whilst still delivery quality, cost effective product from our knowledge and experience of sourcing in China, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe.

China agentSourcing in China and other countries in Asia in particular when you have been used to sourcing from Western countries requires knowledge and understanding of the different cultures both beholding on individuals but also within the business environment. Guanxi (or Face) is integral to the Chinese culture (as therefore by historical events also integral to a lot of closely related Asian countries) and can stop a project before it starts if it is not understood and managed (see Useful Links). ASD Sourcing has experience and understanding of Guanxi from the extensive amount of time actually spent in factories in China and other Asian low cost countries so can manage the complex social interaction to ensure projects progress successfully.

Import from ChinaASD Sourcing specifies and demands compliance to our Ethical Policy (a copy is available on request) and all local legislation to behave properly as global citizens and ensure we can do all possible under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). ASD Sourcing is happy discuss and ensure any ethical or CSR requirements that you have are in place within our pre-selected suppliers, so that your customers demands are also adhered to by our supply chain.