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Source in ChinaThis FREE process has been designed to ensure that all parties know what is required and when it is expected of them to make sourcing in China and other low cost countries a success and to deliver quality products on time at reduced costs to ASD Sourcing's customers, whilst at all times minimising risks to all parties.

China agentASD Sourcing is happy to sign Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA's) before this FREE Process is started. ASD Sourcing is also happy to offer help and advice (if required) on the compilation of the full specification to ensure that the best result is obtained for ASD Sourcing's customers.

ASD Sourcing

Whilst the FREE process below looks complicated, involved and lengthy, it fully details the steps to deliver success so customer new to outsourcing have a full understanding of what is required in purchasing overseas. ASD Sourcing manage and drive the majority of the steps, so please do not be put off by the long list, contact us to obtain a FREE quotation from ASD Sourcing for your products.

ASD Sourcing are happy to arrange factory visits if our customers so desire. ASD Sourcing can advise on Visa requirements and organise hotels, local transportation and all matters required for a successful factory visit.