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China agentWith global expansion, the internet and B2B trading readily available in today’s world. Why outsource? It is plain sailing, surely?  

Here is a list of the benefits and potential pitfalls whilst product sourcing from low-cost overseas companies:

Potential BenefitsPotential Pitfalls
Focus on core competenciesLack of overseas product sourcing knowledge
Reduce internal costs in the form of office time and also travel and subsistenceLack of personnel to manage overseas product sourcing locally due to extra time required
Reduce risks (financial and non financial eg bad press due to use of child labour)Language barriers
Increase security of your IP, by only contacting pre-approved factoriesNo local presence in low-cost countries targeted sourcing areas
Accelerated project completionTime differences
Gain access to external knowledgeInsufficient logistical experience
Make / Buy decisions become a possibilityPoor quality goods received
Increased number of suppliers availableNo goods received
Your volumes leveraged alongside other customersLack of overseas legal and local product sourcing knowledge
Simplified contact (UK based)Cultural issues

China supplierIf outsourcing is researched and subsequently managed correctly it will deliver hugely positive impacts to your business in the form improved profit figures, reduced working capital and increased market share. But please be aware that the opposite is also true! If you do not know what you are doing and if problems happen you will be fighting to recover the position, credibility and most likely money.

China manufacturerThat is why you should contact us at ASD Sourcing and we will manage your product sourcing in China, Asia and Central / Eastern Europe by utilising our knowledge, experience and contacts in global sourcing "as the grass (or tea) is not always greener on the other side".  

It costs you NOTHING to try our services our review and quotation services are totally FREE, you just need to provide us with a package of information to start the process and let ASD Sourcing provide you all the benefits and none of the pitfalls of product sourcing in China and other low-cost countries